Minggu, 22 Maret 2009

Tv Show Megaupload and Rapidshare Download

Do you like to watch Tv Show? Yes, as we know, there are many interesting TV shows such as Smallville, House, Heroes, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Bones, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Dollhouse, CSI, The Office, The Simpsons, Ugly Betty, Criminal Minds, Private Practice, Ghost Whisperer, ER, and many more. You can watch it on television, but if as a matter you have not had time to watch your favorite TV show, do not worry, because on the internet, there are many sites you can visit to download different types of your favorite TV show downloads via rapidshare download or megaupload download. tvshine.info is one of the sites you can visit to download the various of your favorite TV show. So, do not worry, you can still watch your favorite TV show even though you have not had time to watch it normally through your television television.
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Kamis, 12 Februari 2009

Best Western Insurance

If you own a franchised hotel like the Best Western, you have a much better chance of getting hotel insurance than an independent operator. Insurance companies know that chain hotels offer more security and centralized management which helps reduce their overall risk levels. Don't plan on renting rooms for less than a 24 hour period, or most carriers will not even give you insurance in the first place - this is quite obvious, but you'd be shocked at how many motels that have hourly rates.

If you own a hotel or a motel, you are probably aware that you need insurance. It's not always easy to get insurance for your building, it must meet certain standards or you are probably going to have a very difficult time getting the insurance coverage you need. For example, if you have a hotel that was built before 1975 you would have a hard time getting insurance, because most insurance companies do not like to insure older building as they present a much higher risk. Some of those risks include older wiring, weaker structural design and poor layout. If you have older wiring, there is a higher chance you could have a fire at your location and the the insurance company would be the one stuck with the bill. If you have a poor layout and have a natural disaster people could get trapped in your building and seriously hurt and the insurance company would then again be forced to make a payout.

If your building is over 5 stories tall, there has to be plenty of ways to get out or you could pose an undue risk to your tenants and would jeopardize your ability to get insurance. There are many things to be aware if you are looking to get hotel insurance, just make sure you comply with all the rules otherwise you will pay through the nose
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All About Plumbing (History)

"Throughout the years, plumbing has been a household term for everything in relation to sewerage and piping. Plumbing in Alberta is crucial to a handyman’s job for it deals with complicated fixtures and repairs. We can say that we owe our knowledge in plumbing to home improvement
programs that tackle modern plumbing techniques, do-it-yourself furnace repair in Calgary and furnace replacement in Calgary, but did you know that plumbing has been a practice since the ancient Babylon?

Plumbing is derived from the Latin word “plumbum” which means “lead.” Technically, plumbing refers to the facility used in small and big buildings, which consists of pipes and fixtures for the distribution of water or gas, and sewage disposal. Meanwhile, the word sewer comes from the French word essouier which means ""to drain"".

The fluvial terrain, massive walled city and network of canals in the ancient Babylon (now Iraq) inspired the budding plumbers to develop bathroom and irrigation systems for homes and palatial structures. The rivers were adjacent to the streets and were mainly used as depositories for human waste and rubbish materials.

The bathroom of the rich was a 15 feet squared cubicle built at the south-end of the house. However, ordinary folks used the banks of canals or the cisterns in the courtyards. According to archeologists, the first toilets were found in the palace of Sargon the Great. These had high seats that brought the latrine off the floor in the western style. The sewer was 3.28 feet high and 16 feet long mounted over the baked bricks.

Across the Mediterranean Sea from Mesopotamia, the ancient people of Crete and their Minoan kings left their mark on the early annals of history. Between 3000-1500 B.C., early plumbers had laid elaborate systems of sewage disposal and drainage that resemble what is applied today. The terra cotta tub of King Minos in Knossos was the first formal tub design to be adapted by modern times.

The first sewers were built in Rome between 800 B.C. and 735 B.C., preceding the first aqueduct by about 500 years. The Cloaca Maxima is one of the largest of the ancient sewers still in use. It was designed to carry off the surface water, and otherwise provide drainage for the entire city.

The coming of the 15th century paved the way for the invention of “Ajax water closet” designed by Sir John Harrington. He built the toilet in 1596 exclusively for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth I. In 1775, Alexander Cumming improved the Ajax water closet and built the “S” trap. The S trap had a sliding valve underneath to hold the water. Three years later, Joseph Bramah, a locksmith and engineer, patented an improved version with two hinged valves.

In 18th century, England passed a law on Public Health Act, which mandated the use of sanitary toilets in every house. The government also released 5 million British pounds for sanitary research and engineering, and began to build a sound sewer system.

Through this law, people discovered ways to improve the plumbing system. Names associated to successful inventions are Josiah Wedgwood, George Jennings, Thomas Twyford, and John Shanks.

Modern age scientists should also be credited for great contributions to plumbing. Today, we have better plumbing services in Calgary and heating in Alberta.

Engineers at the Emerson Motor Company in St. Louis have developed a 3.3-inch motor and a .2 horsepower pump that fits in a toilet tank to add speed and power to each flush. These motorized toilets incorporated a steeper bowl than other gravity style toilets to allow wastewater to flow out easier. A slanted bowl and pressurized flush also allow the system to employ less water than a traditional gravity-flow toilet. To operate, the unit is plugged into a standard outlet in the bathroom. To date, Kohler Co. is the first plumbing manufacturer to market this technology. Emerson partnered with pump manufacturers, Zoeller Company and Hydromatic Pump Company, to develop a plumbing system that liquefies waste.
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Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009

Are you Looking for a Sales Job in Dubai?

If you are looking for a sales job in Dubai, you would know that there is no dearth of jobs in sales in Dubai. Global companies have set shop in this world city and are in need for effective salespeople to drive sales of their products and services. Thus, looking at the high staffing demand of salespersons in Dubai, it is good to get a little more knowledge on the job prospects in Dubai.

Even in the current slowing down of the global economy, while there are other jobs that are drying up in Dubai, sales job opportunities are still available in Dubai. So, all you need to do is apply properly to the right places and prove your skills to the companies you have applied to. Once the employer is sure of your selling skills, he will not mind offering you even a higher salary and more attractive incentives to get you on board.

Sales profile is such that companies in most industries require good salespeople. In Dubai too, there are big-ticket companies of all sectors and they are looking for good salespeople. For instance, the growing banking and financial services industry in Dubai has a capacity to absorb a lot of sales staff who could sell different products such as insurance schemes for corporate and individuals. Then, there are small and big IT companies in Dubai that require qualified sales personnel to effectively sell their services and products in the market.

Then, other than these industries, there are ample amount of jobs up for grabs in the ever-growing retail industry in Dubai. This industry is expanding fast and is absorbing sales staff at a very quick pace. There are many new and established players who are foraying into the retail sector in Dubai. New malls are being opened everyday to satiate the increasing spending capacity of the locals. Even in these times of tightened liquidity, skilled sales people are required who can push the products to the shoppers and get them to shell out money.

Also, one should not forget that Dubai is a hot tourist destination. Foreign tourists throng Dubai in hordes and it has become the ultimate shopping Mecca of tourists with international shopping festivals happening twice a year. With this kind of momentum, sales staff in retail sales stands a good chance of being hired in Dubai.

Then there is the real estate industry. Real estate was and is still booming in Dubai though the slowdown has had its effect on this sector in no uncertain terms. Sales jobs have dwindled slightly in this sector but there are still some good vacancies to take up. The property developers in Dubai are cash-rich people. So, the staff that they employ is slated to get attractive salaries.

To develop a successful sales career in Dubai, you would have to exhibit exceptional track record in sales. Then, of course there are the usual characteristics that are required to be a successful salesperson. One has to have the hunger to succeed, the tact to push products even in slow markets, the energy and the charm to enthuse the buyer, the dynamic personality to get the deal closed and a quick thinking capability to improvise as per the demand of the situation. A good salesperson would ensure that he converts potential leads into paying deals. He would have the gift to convince the prospective buyer that the product being offered is the best for him and suits his demand like none other.

There are so many more reasons that make one want to work in Dubai. The topmost reason is of course the high salaries combined with the fact that one does not have to pay any personal taxes. Thus, all you earn is for you to keep. Expatriates come to work to Dubai to do life-time savings in a period of three to four years. However, that does not mean that Dubai offers just money. The lifestyle of Dubai makes it the dream career destination of foreign workers.

Dubai has a huge foreign population working on its shores. It treats foreign workers with their due respect and rewards them well at the end of their stint. For all the expatriate workers in Dubai, there are a lot of avenues to enjoy a good life in Dubai. The laws are a little stringent but all those who stay on the right side of the law should face no problem staying here. Generally, your employer would become your ultimate guide to be comfortable in the city. Also, you would not be alone. There are thousands of foreign workers like you who are working in Dubai so prompt help is easily accessible. In fact, before accepting any job offer, you can join an online forum of expatriates who are working in the industry you wish to work with to get first hand information on the kind of lifestyle there.
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Kamis, 05 Februari 2009

The Mind is the Most Powerful Tool you Have!

The mind is the most powerful tool you have! Your mind can make you wealthy and successful or keep you poor and a failure! It is important to have the right mindset before starting any business!

This article is meant for anyone who is thinking of about starting a home business or any business! I mention this again you must be in the right mindset before you decide to get started if not you are in a road headed for failure!

You must believe. You must believe that you will be successful if you want to succeed. If you beleive that you will be rich soon then wealth is headed your way. The mind also works in the opposite. If you think you will fail then you will be a failure. If you are poor and think that you will always be poor then nothing will change in your life!

So how do we begin to change our mind so that we get what we want out of life? Your thoughts need to change! Start to think of what it is that you desire. If you want to be rich then form a thought of you being rich. If you want a custom home then form that custom home in your thoughts! By forming a picture in your thoughts and seeing yourself getting what you want you start to move towards that direction.

So once you form the picture in your thoughts and start to believe that its going to happen the next step would be to act on your thoughts. Do as much as you can do everyday to make your thoughts a reality!In doing this you can not fail! Do not focus on any negative thoughts. Do not focus on negative comments. Do not focus on negative events. Once you start to think in a negative manner you start to fail. Keep your mind focused on what is that you want!

You must think of what you want everyday. You must keep the picture formed in your thoughts and in your dreams. You must take take the steps to act upon your thoughts. You must do this everyday and everyday will get you closer to what is that you want!

Be gratefull for the things that you have now. be gratefull for the things that are coming to you. In this world there is enough wealth for anyone who desires to have it! The wealth will never run out it is all around you. You must believe that you will become wealthy. You do not need to compete to become wealthy. Once you start to compete you lose your creativity.

Remember there is enough wealth in the world for everyone. It will never run out. It is there if you want to grab a hold of it. Think that you can, believe that you can.

This article is a start to get your mind ready before you venture on into any business. See it as a start and continue to read on how to have the right mindset so that you can mind your business to success!
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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2008

Where do you want to work? - Job Search Success Strategies

Overall there are 14 job search strategies that one can adopt when looking for a new job. The strategy that most job searchers use and easily get bogged down by is online job search sites. Unfortunately this is only successful for 4% of the users. You read that correctly - online job searching is only successful 4% of the time.

In order to increase your job search success you need to adopt more than 1, but not more than 4, job search success strategies. Statistics show that individuals focusing on more than 4 different strategies begin to decrease their success rate . There is one recommendation that I make before entering the job market and that is to clearly identify your direction and objectives for success by creating 2 table with the following 2 sets of titles below.

Table 1 - Why you?

What are my knowledge based skills? (include examples)
What are my transferable skills? (Include examples)
What are my personality traits?(include examples)

Once you have developed a clear understanding of your skills and experience in the table above then match that to job titles and organizations that would appeal to you. (Yahoo Jobs have a list of the top 100 companies who are currently recruiting - this is a great place to start!)

Table 2 - Where will you fit?

What job titles match my skills?
What organizations would appeal to me?
Notes on names, contacts at these organizations

Once you have a clear list of who you are, what you have to offer and where you want to work you will have a clear direction to start your search. Here are top 5 job search strategies.

1. Who do you know?

This may seem like an obvious thing to say but so many of us struggle through a job search without reaching out to people in our contact lists including colleagues, friends or family to make them aware we are looking for a job. Contact them, include your resume and ask them for feedback or the details of people they know and can refer you to.

2. Where do you want to work?

In your research you will have developed a list of companies that you would like to work for - now we need to find people who work for them who you can connect with. A good way to be able to do this is using Linkedin - you can easily put a company name into the search box and this will notify you of anyone in your network (1st, 2nd or 3rd) who works for them. This will give you a warm contact in the firm for you to contact (phone or in person) direct. Trade press is also another route to identify names to contact. Remember it will be more effective for you to contact them direct rather than apply for online jobs or by sending indirect emails.

3. Online Networking

There are a number of different networking sites and the one I recommend is www.linkedin.com It is free and easy to create a profile with recommendations on your work and a summary detailing what you are looking for. The Q & A tool also enables you to interact with other professionals and by answering questions you will show your expertise and open yourself up to be contacted by other professionals. The Jobs tool also details a good list of organizations who are recruiting so you can refer to your list in Job Search Strategy 2.

4. Face to Face Networking

There are a huge variety of face to face networking meeting including some that are dedicated to job searchers or recruiters looking for new candidates. It is recommended to find 3-4 different styles of networking events (e.g. bar events, structured networking meetings, presentations) and you can find them through www.bni.com www.meetup.com www.ingoodcompanyworkplaces.com and by contacting your local Chamber of Commerce of local community groups.

5. Recruiting Organizations

There are a number of recruitment firms both boutique and specialist to firm offering a wide variety of levels and expertise. Recruiters are well placed in the market to know what is going on and which firms are currently recruiting. They are also able to provide feedback on both your resume and interview style. To find some recruiters specific to your specialty visit www.kennedyinfo.com

by Lou Clark
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How To Promote Your Online Business?

Starting an online business has become an increasingly popular trend among a wide demographic since it provides the opportunity to own a business without costly overhead expenses. However, to ensure your online business is successful, you must promote and market it.

Ezines and Newsletters - Communicate with your customers regularly by providing an e-newsletter which details the latest news surrounding your business. This can include anything from new products to publicity your business has received. Entice customers to sign up by offering an incentive, like a discount on their next purchase or a small gift.

Press Releases - In conjunction with an e-newsletter, write a monthly press release which is submitted to online PR sites and local media. Make sure your news is newsworthy and of value to your audience and market.

Network Online - Join and participate in online forums, communities, and discussion boards relevant to your product or services. To properly utilize these forums, don't blatantly market your site get involved in the discussion and introduce yourself. Doing so will enable you to position yourself as an expert in your field, thus garnering new customers and driving traffic to your site.

Foreign Customers - If your site is global or you service international customers, accept online payments in local currencies to increase sales.

Complementary Items - Expand your offering by adding complementary products or services in order to upsell your customers. For example, if you sell clothing, add accessories; if you're an artist, sell frames.

Contests and Give Aways - A great and relatively inexpensive way to market your online business is to offer a contest or give away. This will generate publicity and traffic for your site and get people interested, especially if the item (or service) you're giving away is a hot commodity.

Email Signature - Add an email signature, including your website and contact info and even easier way to get the word out about your website to all those you email.

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